d88b db   d8b   db d8888b.
   `8P' 88   I8I   88 88  `8D
    88  88   I8I   88 88oooY'
    88  Y8   I8I   88 88~~~b.
db. 88  `8b d8'8b d8' 88   8D
Y8888P   `8b8' `8d8'  Y8888P'



KBFS the new finger?

I shamelessly copied this idea from Chris Coyne (chris@keybase.io).

I fondly remember the 'old days' of finger based .plan files, and after seeing Chris's plan I decided I might as well create one and update it as often as I update my blog.


This file is automatically signed with my key so you'll know there's been no funny business!

All this is made possible by Keybase be sure to check them out, and email me for an invite if you need one.

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